Travel & Transportation

1. What are the basic rules and limitations regarding the deductibility of travel expenses? A travel expense must be ordinary and necessary, incurred while away from home, and incurred in the pursuit of business. The expenses must be reasonable. In other words, the expenses cannot be “lavish or extravagant.” Travel expenses include costs of meals […]

AK News, Year in Review

New Bundle Service Packages As we continue re-branding our organization, we have launched customized service packages for small business clientele.  We understand small business owners and entrepreneurs need comprehensive accounting services yet often lack the budget and resources.  Thus, we have created multi-tiered bundle packages to provide objective analysis and recommendations. Starting from their financials, we use insight into […]

Achieving Work Life Balance

The Disconnect There is a disconnect between income and net worth.    Earning more does not create contentment.  Often those who make more spend more and foolish people almost always spend more than they earn, no matter how much!  At the same time, those with less commonly save and amass wealth. Many people think making more […]