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Achieving Work Life Balance


Achieving Work Life Balance

The Disconnect

There is a disconnect between income and net worth.    Earning more does not create contentment.  Often those who make more spend more and foolish people almost always spend more than they earn, no matter how much!  At the same time, those with less commonly save and amass wealth.

Many people think making more will make them happier; however, there is a disconnect between money and happiness.  If there is a correlation, it would be a bell curve with the happiest people in the middle.  Surveys report the highest percentage of people claiming happiness peaks below the notoriously desired six figure salary at around $75,000.

Both those with the least AND those with the most are the least happy.

3 Simple Tips:

So you might ask, if making more won’t help then what will.  Well, here are some easy ways to boost your happiness today.

  1. Avoid extremes – having excess is just as dangerous as lacking enough.  Keep only what you need!
  2. Avoid debt – indebtedness can cause physical and emotional bondage.  While using credit may scratch the itch today, it restricts financial flexibility in the future.  The long term costs of debt can be devastating!
  3. Share – sharing with others can bring great joy.  Knowing we can help others is very rewarding.  When we use our resources to lighten someone’s load, it creates joy for both us and those we help.

5 / 1 / 2022